Living La Walk

Life, you silly temptress
or perhaps you just careless
to a babe whose slapped
a fresh butt clapped
to lead in standing ovation
overalls, over all for the meek.

Take a walk down Symmes or main
finding Flood, friends the same
to a butchers knife and rump your roast
in a special occasion I bring a toast
to the attentions of
unsuspecting audience members.

Your Toes!
Your Legs!
Your Torso!
(I Beg)
Your Head!
Your Feet!
Your Hands!
(Just meat)
Your Hands!
Your Ears!
Your Hair!
(You there?)

What a glorious moment
sands of time lament
Body! oh, body of mine
what a wonder to find
this machine of flesh and bone
walk and think, to be or to own.

Quaint and marvelous to touch
hear, see, smell, taste it’s enough
for this: my mind, my soul
completely take control
and a walk which I may take
please allow partake,
in memory, our wonderful body.

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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