Photography always fascinated me and I’m not sure why. I remember buying disposable cameras and I liked to take photos of nouns other than people. I remember the feeling of taking a place that no one cares about and making it significant by taking its photo, or showing things when the camera wasn’t expected to take a photo, but that upstaged moment is captured. As the digital age took away the sacred rarity that old film had, I felt free to take photos of everything and so did everyone else. In a world saturated with selfies and intentional gatherings, I am more inspired than ever to take photos on the natural moments that slink past our eyes until that moment when we realize it’s us that have been moving this whole time.

A Moonrise

PHOTOGRAPHY Trusted with my Sony a6500 and the Soligar 450mm f/8 c-mount lens, I decided to test this telephoto lens filming a moon rise as I had just over a year ago. Knowing that I would put this particular shoot in a time lapse I decided against filming...

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