Poetry is a unique expression where words meaning becomes as significant as it’s rhythm, or lack thereof. While sometimes confined to forms the limit the spectrum in which one may verse, the fact remains the same in all forms. How do we convey a better example of our personal understanding of the world that surrounds us.
I like to play with form and test boundaries, even with a single language, there will always be a language barrier The battle forward for words is just the way we can’t explain. And explanation when drawn out become more a challenge than a breeze, simply put, some times simple is sweeter. Ask complicated sugar, it takes a more tongue and spit to make the smile not quit as it slips into sucrose heaven. Don’t mind me, or do.

Free Verse

Can I You?

Can we switch chairs for a moment
in a conversation with our past
see all the magical moments
and the ones that didn’t last?

To Break

perhaps I’ll breathe it deep, instead
or translate it with rulers and what’s said
but the truth is the truth is elusive
and the only way to track it is to lose it.

The Vein of a Den

On the precipice of life and death
Where volcanic glass and oceanic tides sing

If Opposites Attract

If opposites attract, 
I must be like everyone.

In Fluency

Nature holds dear
shape shifter shapes shift
No one knows here
A break master word Smith

Body Sat The

It can’t be a conversation
But a monologue in
Solitary saturation.

Straight as an Arrow

buffet of blaspheme, 
fruit of knowledge cider
I need a pillar of salt with this dish
cannibalize a future to get what I wish

Excerpt from Unknown

find a unit unique to you
as much as you have,” she said,
“and that is your fuel…”

Some Other Eve

An export concept not for the ageless
immortals can’t imagine a lifetime is cages.

Laungage Barierr

we feel power over a lion, once we give it a name
even our closest ancestors we feel we can tame
with inoculations and eye drops, drugs without fame
An intentional disconnect of our empathetic brains

Living La Walk

this machine of flesh and bone
walk and think, to be or to own.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

R-emind me once again
E-nigmas, do they happen to the waking
M-aybe, this is merely a dream.

Held Dearly

Move me, move me
I don’t want to stay here
please don’t make me leave. 

Kinetic Kreation

Engineering genetics and break up
variation in a state
remove love and create mates
remove love and create slave.

March 8th, 2003

Put mud in my eyes,
neglect to wash it away
but I have found the water
as I blindly went astray.


Somehow Bigger

alligators are not saved
in multinational escapades
of companies selling the blood of the planet

A Sheep’s Defense

post traumatic, amputee, kamikaze, come at me
Jihadist, inquisition, we’re still fighting, now it’s just
Give us all your oil, I need to get to work,
Not to interrupt, I swear i’m not a jerk

Little to Lose

I wonder if we really get to choose
fate sucks sure, yeah, but so does the news

Given to We

I’m just laughing and humming
making the most of the sun
and watching the flowers bloom

We’re Not Fallen

the plants praise a god made of animal sighs.

Stone Soup

We who are in its image
should see that we’d come to this
fashioning us an atom
named Adam, or what’chyou please.

Electric Second Sun

We run through the forest
with clocks in our hands
we make toward the river
to exchange time for its sand

Coyote’s Eyes

I’ve seen the light in the darkest
hole, I made it.
it would burn for me,
anytime i’d need it.


but you forgot your jacket and
the truth is brisk

Come Along

They’ll use up their red tape
Prevent my escape
But I just won’t go along


You can sew your seeds of wisdom
you can plant those seeds to waste away
surely the tree will overgrow
but it cast no shade.


it’s a beautiful day, you know
and a ball of sunshine
has rolled my way,

Sea Level

But beauty is only skin deep,
your skin is as deep as your soul
a soul so vast that the oceans bow
and the mountains crumble below

Common Man

while educated fools believe delicious lies
of wealth and economics, everyone gets a slice
but they wont let you read, the print in the fine


caught scraping the
bottom of the barrel
looking for a cake or bottle
to deposit my soul.

The High Coup

The High Coup

The High Coup is an Instagram based experiment to write one Haiku everyday.

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