It’s a fine balance, living in the moment and living towards your goals. Perhaps the best question is, “How good are your goals if you have walk through hell to get them?”
Then again, that presupposes your life is not hell already. This reveals that those who live in the moment have either have a temperance against bad living conditions, or are inherently worry free due to social circumstances. Whether you choose to live in the moment of not, the fact is that all life is is a series of moments strung together in a seamless gradient. To live in the moment, or as life happens, is poetic and perhaps ideal, or just idealistic.
As cultures of communication and cities emerge, living in the moment becomes an option more frequently. I often  wonder how this will effect the world in the long term.

Can I You?

I think of you
Though I’m absent minded
I care for you
Though I’m broken hearted
I wonder of you
Though I’m over thinking
I wish that you
Though i like it simple

Saying what i want
Usually comes easy
Saying it with you
Seems too much so.
How could it be so elementary
After seeming so complex?
How could beauty assign itself
A place of floating carpets?

Can i show you the world
I’m still waiting to see,
Can i give you time
That’s ticking forward
While i lead.

Can i you?
While I’m at it.
Can i you?
While we’re Young.
Can i you?
Since we’re doing.
Can i you?
Since we’re due to
see the universe.
The things that be,
while we are here now
in spite of everything.

Can we switch chairs for a moment
in a conversation with our past
see all the magical moments
and the ones that didn’t last?

If I’m here now
and you are too,
our greatest achievements to this point
are but expired moments too.
If failure always happens to soon
I’m sure success is always late
So what worry should I give
In volume or in weight?


We’ve only got time for this.
This is all we’ve got, this
will always be it.
It will always be
this the only
Not lament, torment, dormant
no repentance
for the instance
the moment
cause when the

That’s it.

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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