Body Sat The

Beyond the stockade
There’s your chance to lose you
To forget your name and
The village is seeking pleasure
The shrew ate sour grapes
But instead the youless
Takes a middle way.
Maybe a life of suffering
Proves you’re really there
Is that wear?
where it’s best to be?
The path that can’t be followed
What’s the right thing to do?
It can’t be a conversation
But a monologue in
Solitary saturation.
Awakening while awake
Accepting simple truths
So we suffer, i hurt
So we crave, i hunger
There are no separate things
So we try, i lose i
But not without aiding thy
What body bodhisattva
Cruel fate out choice decides.
Sought the broken desire
Before the heavenly fire
Leaves me without me
You’ll be meless too.

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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