Are Awakening

God it makes me cry,
to see the still slumbering die.x3


Verse I
Freedom is Rolling through my mind
like an undecided dime
picking at the tooth of time.
While waves of reason make me think
unrecoiled and in sync
with all existence around me.
Chorus I
I am free, to be, anything
That I want to be.
Meow, meow.
Verse II
Life, keeps stretching like these arms
asking questions to the sun
getting answers from somewhere else
while truth, be told with my eyes
there’s no beauty in disguise
it’s vibrantly nude, you see?
Chorus I
Verse III
LIfe, what a train of energy
forged in hidden sorcery
a four dimensional memory
of love, or some faxcimily
doesn’t matte if its real
it has fooled me.
Chorus II
You are free, to be, anything
that you want to be
Meow, meow.

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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