This is one of my favorite songs that I ever wrote. It is about humanity and how the earth in an electric, second sun. We are the fuel to the illumination. It really is a beautiful thing.

Electric Second Sun

This little light of mine
I’m gunna let it shine
I’m gunna let it burn
gleen on my beam.

in the night we come
like a second sun
they’ll be stars with us
shine on moon.

Hydrogen symphonies
gamma radiating
poison to the flesh
is water for light kings.

They’ll be no distre…
Well i’ve been thinking
and getting a little paranoid
that the space is changing
what I wanna avoid
molecular displacement
of unnatural sorts
that bridges me with gaps
and opens poor ports
I can feel the spiritual energy
empathize with the gods
and every human being
built to soothe and annoy.

Dis and Consonance from all thoats sings
and I can pretend that I don’t have wings
cause i’m afraid to fly, and prone to fall
a trillion souls before me if you can recall
have hesitated
and waited
until the physical is so late
so while I am young
I might as well not relate

so they’ll be no distress
in the nights caress
it brings out the best
in all.

We run through the forest
with clocks in our hands
we make toward the river
to exchange time for its sand

We run through the river
while sand dollars break
meet a smiling walrus
who will take teeth with a stake

Perfection was not attained.

But what is Beauty?
It is not perfection
no, it is the flaw striving through

In the night we came
and gave the gods a name
so what if it’s the same
as the giver.

They’ll be no distress
in the nights caress
it brings out the best
in all, that’s you,
the beautiful, mutations
self willed
we grow like cancer
and it is beautiful.

We run from our cities
with clocks on our wrists
make towards the river
to define our own bliss

We run through the river
and our dollars break
meet a smiling walrus
who mistakes us
for a steak…

Perfection was not attained,
thank god.

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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