Singing in the Rain Again

Just inspecting how a soul can become so strange
while dissecting all expecting things to come to an end
broken words just like promise,
i’ll see you in the morning.
Unfortunate for me,
outside was pouring.
Rain is lulling like a goodbye
fading away to the wind
and this silver lining on
storming clouds,
it makes me think again.

All these ninja dreams and turtle wishes
sewers drain the storms
and lucky strikes are toasted
right on grandma’s porch…
Triple Sec and Whiskey
Dry Gin Sweet Vermouth
make me a martini
give me olives
for two, wishing on
a tailed penny
superstitions on the go
when all my little dew drops
begin to turn to snow.

Singing inthe rain again
Singing though it rains
light her up, pass it round
let’s forget about pain
I did a lot of wishing
none of it came true,
now I’m just singing
waitin’ in the rain for you
you, you, you, oh
why I owe you
my heart, my soul
any part of me you wish to know.

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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