Stoned Alive

A stone soup made at the dawn of time
came like a rocket, from the sky
eat your potatoes, curds and whey
not always as complex, yet the same

Cellular structures and DNA
hold the factors of life today
98% inactive, however
not always as complex, yet the same

Amino Acids are needed for a cell
to grow, and show that life is well
how rich are rocks that fall from the sky?
ascendants worshiped in a quest for ‘why?’

I took an old bone, and threw it in a stew
and watched the marrow melt into dew
when it was done, i gave a dog to the bone

In quest of philosophic purpose
which lead to god and atheistic
concepts of life and starts
not always as complex, yet the same

Interconnected like peas in a pod,
tied to a bush growing of the side,
of a tree rooted in the earth
not always as complex, yet the same.

Chemical reactions when a meteor
impregnate a young ocean’s clear
waters, wave on an anaerobic
planet with a robust environment.

I took an old stone, and threw it in a soup
and watched over time as it turned into you
when it was done, we longed to meet the sky.

artificial intelligence
through a means of community
interactions via cyberspace
Not always complex yet the same

segregated by likes and indifference
one and zero, one in the same
If a god created us
Not always as complex, yet the same

We who are in its image
should see that we’d come to this
fashioning us an atom
named Adam, or what’chyou please.

I took an old chip and through in a box
and watched as humans drew life into rocks
when it was done we finally met the sky, how bout that?

A.G. Balázs

A.G. Balázs is a Director, Producer, Actor, Video and Photographer, Screenwriter, Poet. Songwriter and Musician.



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